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The types of programs are available to applicants, Lease to Purchase, Rental, and Mutual Help (Home ownership). Structurally, the houses are the same for each type of program; the distinction has more to do with how the unit is managed. The Rental program offers the benefits of subsidized utilities and maintenance. The Mutual Help program offers a conversion opportunity for the participant to own their own home, while demanding a higher level of commitment for maintenance and upkeep of the home. The Lease to Purchase Program allows a tribal member to participate in affordable home ownership on tribal lands at a considerable reduced price than the private market sector. Lease to Purchase homes are of new construction and offer modern amenities such as dishwasher, single car garage, sprinkler system and energy efficient appliances. Both management and the occupancy and collection departments work together to manage the Lease to Purchase, Rental, and Mutual Help Programs.

Off Reservation

NCIHA is committed to providing housing opportunities for income eligible families in a variety of locations and types. In an effort to increase the number of homes available, NCIHA has established a goal of acquiring rental properties in the local community.

NCIHA acquired the Waugh Lane complex in 2005. The property is two duplex units. Each of the duplexes has two apartments that are three bedroom two bath; for a total of four apartments. The rear units have a small outside yard area; each unit has a separate garage. Parking is limited to two vehicles per unit. Tenants are responsible to pay for their own water, sewer, garbage, electricity and gas.

Tenants in the complex are encouraged to work toward their personal goals. If those goals include homeownership, NCIHA offers financial literacy and first time homebuyer education workshops, credit and debt management counseling and a limited matched savings program to support the family in working toward their goals.