As the Housing Authority for seven Tribal Governments, Northern Circle is committed to advocacy as a principal responsibility of the organization. History has shown the Indian people of California that the legislative process at both the federal and state levels greatly impacts their well being including the ability to provide housing for their tribal members. The implementation of the Native American Housing Assistance and Self Determination Act (NAHASDA) has greatly affected the Northern Circle member tribes. As small tribes, the Pomo Bands of California have been detrimentally effected by the formula funding under NAHASDA and more than ever must work together to ensure that grant monies are primarily spent housing families and not on delivery of services. Northern Circle takes every opportunity to advocate for Indian Housing programs and services for their member tribes. Tribes are encouraged to participate in the public comment processes that are mandated for most regulatory revisions and the Northern Circle staff assists tribes in making their voices heard. Although NAHASDA mandates Negotiated Rule making, a requirement specifically created to ensure tribal input, the process has been less than productive for California tribes and small tribes in general. Advocacy is vital for California Tribes to make much needed changes to the NAHASDA Formula Funding process. Today, Northern Circle makes it a priority to educate Tribal Councils and Tribal Leaders on housing issues that may mean the difference between insufficient funding and funding for housing that will enable Tribes to develop their tribal communities and ultimately improve their way of life.

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